We need collective contributions in health to move Nigeria forward ― Prof Olaniyan

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Nigerians have been advised to support government in reviving the moribund health sector in the country as only collective support to the health sector will surely move the country forward.

The wife of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Prof. Hamdalat Olaniyan, made this known while speaking at the investiture of Dr Selifat Adeyemi as the President of Oyo State Chapter of Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN), calling for collective efforts in reviving the nation’s state of health.

She called addressing on members of the union to support the government in making the health sector move forward, adding that “I value your core values and your commitment to improving the health care in Nigeria, definitely, I’m part of you, I know most of your programmes and they are very laudable ones and definitely, we know that government cannot do it alone we all have to be involved.

“We have to be involved as individuals, as communities and as associations to move this nation forward, we all know the challenges we are facing in this country we know the problems that we are facing, and definitely is not only in the health sector that is facing this problem but as for me and as far as I’m concerned, the health sector is the most important sector because if one is not well and healthy definitely one cannot do anything.

“It is on this note I’m urging all of us here to be involved and I’m so happy with the progress that this association is really making, and there are definitely so many challenges, like there are so many things that we might wish we want to do but that we are unable to do but I want to beg you not to relent on your efforts.

“Please continue to struggle, you know the system itself, you know where we are, you know the challenges we are facing, I’m sure so many things that you want to do that we don’t have the capability and the goodwill from people, there might have been some expectations from the people, from the system that would not be able to execute them, but you should not be discouraged, we have to move forward, we have to move this nation forward especially when it comes to health issues. Olaniyan concluded.

Also speaking, Dr Adeyemi promised to move the union forward as well as look into the welfare of the girl child and women in the state, adding that, “though all our directives will be coming from the national body it is all encompassing, making sure that we build intelligent and socially acceptable females and their mothers too, not just the children.

“Taking the union forward will be my watch-word, we celebrate a lot of activities which are national events, like the breast cancer day, the diabetic day, all the thing that are happening serially, many of them, handwashing day, we will take advantage of it and make a program out of it throughout the year,” she promised.

Dr. Omolara Adenike Taiwo, the immediate past president of the association was optimistic about the new administration and urged the new leadership to continue the good work and make the welfare of women and children their main focus.

“We thank God for a Successful tenure the challenges we faced was trying to get our people to comply with the health instruction that we give them is usually a big problem, so we really need to go down to real basics to let them know why they need to do things that we, so that they can know that it is actually for their own benefits that are the major obstacles we have but that I don’t think is an issue any longer because most of our people are better informed now about their health and as regards to children and women.

“I wish the new team a successful tenure and I urged them that they should continue from where we left off, they should take care of women, children school children especially the adolescent in the population,” Omolola stressed.


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