TYMA wants stiffer punishment for abusers of children

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Participants in a procession organised by The Young Muslims Association (TYMa) to mark the 2019 United Nations Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, last weekend, in Lagos.

THE Young Muslim Association (TYMA) has urged the Federal Government to take decisive actions against child abuse.

The president of TYMA, Musiliu Omolewa, who made the plea in Lagos at a rally to commemorate this year’s World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, called for stiffer punishment for perpetrators.

The association, he said, was committed to eradicating child abuse.

“To curb child labour, we encourage parents to educate their children. When the kids get sound education, they will fight for their future. These kids are special gifts from God hence we must make effort to protect their future.

“We are imploring parents also to see their children as special gifts and take good care of them. They have a future and we parents can play a role in shaping that future for them,” he said.

Omolewa commended the Lagos State government for punishing those found culpable for child abuse and encouraged the Federal Government to do more to eradicate the menace.

TYMA’s Head of Training and Education, Dr Abdul Ganiu Adelopo, urged stakeholders to address the problem of child abuse and ensure that all critical sectors key into the issue.

“We still have a long way to go but we know it is when we work as a team that we can actually address the issue of child abuse not only in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole,” Dr Adelopo said.

“We are a children’s organisation and we want to embolden the children. You can see in terms of participation from age four to 14, our key sector. If you train them, then you can be sure that the future of this country is bright.

“When they know their rights to education, when they know their contribution even to the economy, then it gives them that bright future. The government should not think they can do it alone, neither should parents,” Adelopo said.

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