‘Let him kiss my feet!’ Actress, Anita Joseph chides detractors

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Actress Anita Joseph had to ward off trolls, after she posted a video of her husband kissing her feet at Iyabo Ojo’s mother’s burial event. The video that was shared on her Instagram page Anita Joseph Olagunju @anitajoseph8, showed her husband Real MC Fish, massaging and kissing her feet.

Anita posted the video with the caption, “oh baby massage those pretty hawwwwwwt legs. Respect king @realmcfish mike orihedi’mma … Note Even when she is yours, treat her like you just met her. You gerrrrrrrrrit if you don’t gerrrrrrrrrit Forget about rrrrrit. “

Trolls wasted no time in flooding the comment section with their thoughts on how to be a proper wife. And it is safe to say that Anita came prepared for their attacks.

@officialwine5 wrote, “Una don pass all this things! This is a burial for God’s sake. Sheyna to pepper your colleagues u dey do? Small thing na u go say am a hater.”

Anita Joseph replied, “@officialwine5 you know what you are already”.

@ulumma1010, “My dear I like you and your husband, but you overdo it at times. What are you portraying? Kind of enslaving. How can you come to a function or event like this and doing video of your husband massaging your legs? Be serious sometimes. Give him some respect please”.

Anita Joseph responded, “@ulumma1010, that’s the problem, I can’t be serious. Your like is of hate.”

@naijasinglez_connet “Love should not be one sided, don’t make it look like he is your toy, sometimes worship him in public too, most of your videos, it’s all about him playing the fool…show people you can be a fool for him too.”

The actress replied to the troll, “@naijasinglez_connet you’re not intelligent hoooha. Okpo.”

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